Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Durango Home

Mold damage developed in this Durango home’s attic when a lack of ventilation led to high heat and moisture buildup. There was a small leak in the roof wh... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold Mitigation

The crawlspace in your home can be an incubator and breeding ground for many types of mold. Humidity, lack of air exchanges and darkness all contribute to what... READ MORE

Leather Purse Restoration

This leather purse was extremely moldy and could have easily been a complete loss & discarded. The home owner told our team that there was a strong sentimen... READ MORE

Moldy floor rugs

Many types of mold can grow very quickly after a large amount of water is used to extinguish a house fire. Jenni, our content cleaning technician, was able to u... READ MORE